• ScotTheMathGuy
    August 18, 2009

    My educational background involves math, science, engineering, English, and law, and I have earned my living primarily as a math instructor. I am currently free-lancing in any and all of the above fields. I can specifically think of two ways that math has intersected with law for me:

    (1) Patent Law. I took the patent bar exam to become a patent attorney. Not just any lawyer can do so, only those with degrees in science or engineering. You actually don’t even have to be a lawyer to prosecute patents or work at the Patent Office. The most in-demand patent attorneys / agents / examiners are those in CS / EE (usually requiring only a BS; no prestigious alma mater required) and the biochemical sciences (usually requiring a PhD). Experience in the industry is highly valued.

    (2) LSAT tutoring. I second what I’ve read on this page. The LSAT is a test primarily of English language literacy, but also plain old logic and common sense. It requires no knowledge of the law whatsoever — but a math background can provide a huge advantage. Mathematics is the study of logic, the application of rules, and symbolic language, which pretty much covers half of the LSAT. My experience as a math major and math instructor has put me in a great position to understand the LSAT and to teach it well. The fact that I am an attorney and I have scored high on the LSAT makes me that much more credible. The LSAT market shows no signs of slowing down, and LSAT tutoring firms are becoming competitive in their hiring of instructors.

    Scot S. Fagerland, Esq.

  • jonrickspan
    October 19, 2011

    Hey Guys,

    Im thinking of becoming an Attorney. My friend just took his LSAT and got destroyed! He said that the logic problems were the worst part. Which requires a certain mathematical mind. Im not sure I really have the skills needed. I wonder do you guys know where to get coaching for the cna LSAT. Thanks for the detailed explanation Scott.

  • davinder01
    November 21, 2011

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