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We’re dedicated to helping every student that has sat in their high school math class and asked:
“When will I ever use this?”

Featured Math Tidbit

Medical School

Do you want to become a doctor? Did you know that students who major in mathematics have one of the highest acceptance rates into medical school? In fact, acceptance rates for mathematics students over the last 4 years have averaged 6% higher than for students who majored in biological sciences and 38% higher than for […]

Featured Career

Inventory Control Specialist

The inventory control specialist maintains the perpetual master inventory listings of all property, coordinates the annual inventories of all property and equipment, and warehouses or disposes of surplus property owned by an agency.

Featured Blog Post

Predicting Winter Olympics Leaders

“A study published in the International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies  suggest that the USA will win the most models followed by Germany and Canada and then Russia, with China arriving ninth.” Read more here about the mathematical model prepared by economist Vladimir Andreff which predicts the leaders of the 2014 Winter Olympics.