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Fun Math Facts About 2013

 It's always fun to learn fun math facts about our calendaring system. Wired has an article that has just a few examples that you can read about. Just click here.

9 jobs that pay $95,000 a year

 Mathematician is one of the nine. Read more here

Using Math After the 5th Grade

Growing up kids often wonder how the math they learn in class is significant, other than to help them past 5th grade. Math teachers and parents return the whiny complaints with generally vague facts of how math is used everyday and everywhere, not just in school.

Unity Through Math

We love math, and we know that we're not the only ones. We always get excited when we find other sources of people highlighting the benifits of being a Math Major, even if it's another University. Check out our "Links to Other Useful sites" page which is in the "Resources for Teachers" section, to find a viriety of other organisations and websites that love math and want to help math students just as much as we do!


Parties, You, & Math

What does math have to do with party planning?  More than you think.  You need to figure out the number of guests, the size of the location for the number of guests you’re inviting, the amount of decorations to buy, how much food you need, number of party favors, etc. 

Take this quiz to see if you have the math skills to plan a party.


The 10 Best Jobs of 2012: 10 - Mathematician

The Wall Street Journal used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government agencies to find what the best and worst jobs of 2012 were. They based their findings off of 5 different categories; Work environment, stress, phusical demands, hiring outlook, and income. Out of the 200 jobs they researched, Mathematicians made it to the top 10 best jobs of 2012! The average salary for mathematicians came to $99,191.

Using Math to Predict Criminal Behavior

Observations of unlawful behavior can be used to create mathematical models that can help to predict and prevent future criminal acts. Read the full article here.

Math in the Hunger Games

 Take a look at all the math scenarios it takes to make a blockbuster movie. Read the full article here.

Planning for Mathematical Software

This is a model to estimate the cost and schedule of mathematical software projects, with the important qualification that there are substantial variations between actual effort and estimated effort. read the full article here


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Figures represent salary potential.


Dr. Cary Oberije, a postdoctoral researcher in The Netherlands, has found that mathematical models can be used to accurately predict patients' responses to treatment. Prediction models were used to analyze lung cancer patients' likelihood of survival and...

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