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Decision Making: Down to a Science

Think you make many decisions "off the cuff"? Mathematic findings indicate there may be more science to our choices.

High Value in Keeping Internet Secure

 If you have the necessary math know-how, it can really pay.

John Tate, a scientist from the University of Texas at Austin was recently awarded the Abel Prize--thought of as math's Nobel--for his work with Algebraic Number Theory. It's one of the math principles that lies at the heart of internet security, a facet of everyday living in today's world.

Boltzmann Equation Solved

It may not seem like a spectacular feat for a group of university mathematicians to solve an equation, but when that equation is 140 years old (not to mention, has implications for many other scientific fields), it begins to catch some attention.

"Like" this: Math helps figure out Facebook

Many people find themselves on Facebook and other social networking sites to avoid studying. But for some, Facebook IS a study.

Researchers from UNC Chapel Hill are using math to understand the nature of social patterns and how networks evolve.

Because human social networks can be complicated, it has been difficult for researchers to understand them until now.

The Universe Runs On Math

Check out this interview of Shing-Tung Yau, the mathematician known for conceiving the math behind string theory.

Learn about how this mathematician, who grew up in poverty in China, eventually graduated with advanced degrees. He then went on to conceive the math that supports string theory, the idea that holds that the universe is built of ten-dimensional subatomic vibrating strings. His story that will have you rethinking the possibilities of math.

Can math help predict NFL placement?

 One student's master's thesis uses math to predict the placement of non-BCS players in the NFL. Take a look.

Math is Power. (It can be humorous, too.)

Check out this great ad from the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering

Math that can save lives

 In a disaster, having the right warnings can help to prepare people and save lives.

Mathematicians in Australia have created models that can help locate the best places for positioning buoys that can warn the maximum number of people of coming tsunamis.

In design, math pays

Graphic designer Simon Page uses his background in mathematics to incorporate geometric shapes into his designs. For his creative work, he was selected as graphic designer for the International Year of Astronomy in 2009 by the International Astronomical Union and UNICEF.

Check out his designs and read his interview, in which he talks about his use of math in his design work.

Math aids stem cell research

Interested in medical science?

Mathematical models developed at Purdue University in Indiana are helping scientists understand how embryonic stem cells later turn into specific tissues. This research opens new implications for understanding and treating developmental disorders and even some diseases.


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