Mathematician: Versatile Job

Mathematicians end up in fields ranging from risk management to video-game development and from health care analysis to to the military.

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Mathematician: Versatile Job

I am going to say that the article is misleading. I have a Master's degree in Math. I have been under-employed for two years. I can't seem to find any job pertaining to my math degree other than tutoring math! Maybe I don't know the secret of finding a job, or I am not networking correctly. It is frustrating to me when I read articles that suggest math jobs are always needed, or that there is a shortage of math people.

It's just a personal thought.


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Dr. Cary Oberije, a postdoctoral researcher in The Netherlands, has found that mathematical models can be used to accurately predict patients' responses to treatment. Prediction models were used to analyze lung cancer patients' likelihood of survival and...

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