Summer is bug season

Summer plans may take you outside a lot more. And that usually means dealing with pesky bugs. Better carry insect repellent if you're going to be outdoors.

Unfortunately, there's more to worry about in dealing with bugs than swatting them out of your face or away from your food. Many carry diseases such as malaria that can effect you long term, or worse, can even be fatal.

While science has produced a number of antimalarial drugs, some strains of the disease are drug resistant. Now, mathematicians have developed models that speed the detection of drug-resistant strains.

The most common question students ask math teachers at every level is “When will I use math?” is a non-profit website that helps to answer this question. This website describes the importance of mathematics and many rewarding career opportunities available to students who study mathematics.



Figures represent salary potential.


Dr. Cary Oberije, a postdoctoral researcher in The Netherlands, has found that mathematical models can be used to accurately predict patients' responses to treatment. Prediction models were used to analyze lung cancer patients' likelihood of survival and...

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