Is there a website that aligns topics in Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry to real world applications?

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It seems that in my school that the only way Math is taught is by the cut & dry approach of this how you do it. I often ask teachers how they could engage students in real world applications of the math they teach and many seem to struggle with finding ways.

Is there a website out there for that type of approach? This website is great for students who have an interest in math, unfortunately, many students in my building struggle with math and don't see the relevance of it. There needs to more resources for engaging the reluctanct learner of mathematics. Many students have been conditioned to think that they simply are not good in math.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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I always try to teach mathematics with some experiments
for example when i teach conic section like ellipse i show them a ellipse made of glass .when i throw a striker from one focus it always pass through another focus.
What i think that new ideas can be generated here as you ignited the spark every must share his or her ideas to make math more practical.
Regards munish dadhwal
Mathematics teacher from India

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Site for math around us

I know of a few that do this - one in particular is Math for Grownups ( Granted it's "officially" for grownups, but there's a lot of good stuff in it that can help teachers get ideas for experiential examples for kids.

Also, I try to involve lots of math around us in my site:

Some kids also like the "Any Questions" model that Dan Meyer uses at

Hope these help.


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