Links to Other Useful Sites

University of Arizona Video
This video from the University of Arizona highlights some of the many career options that are available to you with a degree in Mathematics.

The Mathematical Association of America
Mathematical Moments
An excellent source for making math fun in the school classroom and beyond.

A great resource for interactive math ideas.
Get answers to all your questions about math and read answers to other people’s questions.
Challenging problems, advice, and support for students and teachers interested in math competitions.
A radio show about math by Professor Chaim Goodman-Strauss and Journalist Kyle Kellams.
Movies about math in real life with algebra activities.
Math Fun Facts are ideas and puzzles that will change the way you think.
Open Problem Garden is a collection of unsolved problems in mathematics.
Has some fun math games and resources for teachers.
Why Do Math shows that an undergraduate mathematics education can be an entryway to rewarding and engaging career opportunities.
A mathematical dictionary and glossary for students

Additional information about mathematical careers:
The Mathematical Association of America has some information about mathematical career choices.
The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has additional information about careers in applied math
How math is used in the real world.