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We’re dedicated to helping every student that has sat in their high school math class and asked:
“When will I ever use this?”

Featured Math Tidbit

Millennium Prize Problems

As new discoveries are constantly being made in the field of mathematics, there are still a number of unsolved problems.  Many of these problems, once solved, will help to improve the quality of our daily lives. In 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute selected 7 different unsolved problems and offered a prize of $1 million per […]

Featured Career

Market Research Analyst

Market researchers gather information about what people think. They help companies understand what types of products people want and at what price. They also help companies market their products to the people most likely to buy them. Gathering statistical data on competitors and examining prices, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution, they analyze data […]

Featured Blog Post

Museum of Mathematics

The only one of its kind in North America, the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath, for short) opened last December in New York City. MoMath is designed to spark the public’s interest in mathematics and how it applies to the world around us. Interactive exhibits, geared toward 4th-8th graders, highlight the versatility and wonder of […]