Political Scientist

Political scientists study the structure and theory of government and seek practical and theoretical solutions to political problems. Most current studies and research concentrate on tangible topics such as welfare reform, political campaigns and elections, foreign relations, and immigration.

Low End Salary:   $47,210/yr
Median Salary:   $99,730/yr
High End Salary:   $162,500/yr


Most jobs as a political scientist require a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in political science, public administration, or a related field. However, some entry-level jobs, including that of research assistant and policy analyst, are possible with a bachelor’s degree. Internships are highly recommended for political science students. Political scientists must have strong writing, statistics, analysis, and research backgrounds.

Math Required:

College Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus I and II, Statistics

When Math is Used:

Political scientists use math and statistics to predict the behavior of a group of people. They must keep track of the social, political, and monetary implications of a community’s opinions and actions. Political scientists study the population using many different applications of math, including computer science, database management, statistics, and economics.

Potential Employers:

.Contrary to popular belief, not all political scientists have the desire to become politicians or work in campaigns. Approximately half of political scientists are employed by the federal government. Others work in lobbying groups, universities, and labor organizations, among others. Careers for political scientists are slowly on the rise and are becoming increasingly necessary for organizations that support specific causes. Political scientists face much competition in finding jobs, so it is imperative to be highly educated and experienced. Some people who study political science find related careers in fields such as business and law. Political scientists may choose to become professors or researchers in the university setting.“Think tanks,” companies separate from the government that conduct research policy research, are increasingly hiring political scientists to work for them.


Political scientists typically research in the fields of American politics, comparative politics, international relations, or political theory. Some conventional political science duties include identifying and analyzing political issues, developing and testing theories, forecasting political, economic, and social trends, and collecting and analyzing data from public opinion polls. The average salary of political science majors increases over time.


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