A Solution for Math Anxiety

A new study from the Stanford University of Medicine has reported that anxiety about doing math problems can be relieved with a one-on-one tutoring program. A news release reports, “Even if they are good at math, many children feel anxious about doing math problems. For some, the anxiety persists throughout life, discouraging them from pursuing advanced math and science classes as well as careers that rely on mathematical expertise.” Read more about alleviating math anxiety here.

The Perfect Bracket

Is it possible to construct a perfect NCAA bracket? Jeff Bergen, mathematics professor at DePaul University, says, “It would be more likely for the next 16 World Series to be won by the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox than it would be to pick a perfect bracket by guessing.” Basketball knowledge increases the odds, but the odds of picking a perfect bracket would be approximately one in 128 billion. Nevertheless, March Madness is fun and you can still win your office pool even without a perfect bracket! For more of Professor Bergen’s commentary, click here.