Using Math After the 5th Grade

Growing up kids often wonder how the math they learn in class is significant, other than to help them past 5th grade. Math teachers and parents return the whiny complaints with generally vague facts of how math is used everyday and everywhere, not just in school.
Today, the growing use of math in a vast amount of other fields is easily seen a recognized. However, math is not only used in basic life activities, but it is utilized in saving life. Doctors are increasingly aware of the advantage of using mathematical models to provide better diagnoses and treatments for patients.
Harvard scientists are contributing to the marriage of math and science, specifically in the field of Biosciences. Mathematicians are working with scientists from Harvard and Doctors from John Hopkins to design more patient specific drug therapies such as drug cocktails for patients with HIV.

Unity Through Math

We love math, and we know that we’re not the only ones. We always get excited when we find other sources of people highlighting the benifits of being a Math Major, even if it’s another University. Check out our "Links to Other Useful sites" page which is in the "Resources for Teachers" section, to find a viriety of other organisations and websites that love math and want to help math students just as much as we do!


Parties, You, & Math

What does math have to do with party planning?  More than you think.  You need to figure out the number of guests, the size of the location for the number of guests you’re inviting, the amount of decorations to buy, how much food you need, number of party favors, etc. 

Take this quiz to see if you have the math skills to plan a party.