Museum of Mathematics

The only one of its kind in North America, the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath, for short) opened last December in New York City. MoMath is designed to spark the public’s interest in mathematics and how it applies to the world around us. Interactive exhibits, geared toward 4th-8th graders, highlight the versatility and wonder of math. This museum even offers a traveling “Math Midway, ” which is available for schools to rent!¬† Click here to view a CBS News report on the Museum of Mathematics that showcases a few of the museum’s greatest features. To access MoMath’s official website, click here.

“Childhood Math and Reading Skills Really Do Matter”

Researchers Stuart Ritchie and Timothy Bates of the University of Edinburgh have linked childhood math and reading skills to social status in adulthood. Students with higher math and reading abilities at age seven were found to have better jobs, higher incomes, and better housing in adulthood than those with poor abilities. Click here to check out the salary increase  for students with high math and reading skills.