A smooth ride

An interesting turn: now we’re using math to "beat out" the laws of physics.

Looping roller coasters have been around for over 150 years. And for much of that time, they’ve produced the same feeling for riders.

Now, using mathematics, designers in Sweden have plotted what might be the smoothest loop for amusement park-goers.

But watch out, a more comfy ride might soon mean longer lines as well.

Yes, sharks too!

As highly anticipated events go, everyone knows there’s Christmas, birthdays and … Shark Week.

And for good reason, we’re getting ready to turn out attention to these marine predators once again. It turns out there’s more inside that head than fierce, jagged teeth.

This Discovery News article points to evidence that sharks and other predators "follow strict mathematical strategies" when looking for food.

Have a look from the safety of your computer screen.