Yes, sharks too!

As highly anticipated events go, everyone knows there’s Christmas, birthdays and … Shark Week.

And for good reason, we’re getting ready to turn out attention to these marine predators once again. It turns out there’s more inside that head than fierce, jagged teeth.

This Discovery News article points to evidence that sharks and other predators "follow strict mathematical strategies" when looking for food.

Have a look from the safety of your computer screen.



If you’ve got a mind for math…

As you’ve seen, this entire site is dedicated to the opportunities available in math. There are more career options out there than most people realize.

The Los Angeles Times on Thursday told the story of a man "blessed with a gift for numbers, " who, using his background as an actuary, fought against a large healthcare provider’s plans to hike rates by up to 39 percent for millions of people.

And he did it from a hospital bed.

Hurricane patterns explained by math formulas

Meteorologists make their living predicting storm movements. In most areas, air streams follow certain patterns that help weather forecasters in their work.

Mathematicians have now added another element to weathercasting: Predicting the energy which large storms, especially hurricanes, will produce.

A team of researchers in Spain has discovered the mathematical relation between the number of storms produced in a given area and the energy those storms will produce. Interestingly, the research shows that tropical cyclones follow a precise mathematical formula.