You’re gonna calculate. (And you’re gonna like it, too.)

Maybe for you, your senior year of high school was also going to be the last year of math classes. Ever. After that, it’s free sailing; no calculation required.

But it’s not quite so simple.

Interestingly, even after the bell rings and the teacher dismisses math class, your body is constantly making mathematical calculations and judgments with every moment of every day—years after math classes end. Actually, for life.

Check out this article from Scientific American on the ways your brain functions to compute even the minor things of daily living. In some cases, you wouldn’t know your brain’s doing any math at all. (Maybe you prefer it that way.) The fact remains; math is everywhere around (and in) us.

Sure, it can do a lot of things. But theater?

Accountant, teacher, scientist. Playwright?

Believe it or not, math has also crept its way onto the stage.

When a play producer in the Boston area asked teachers to submit ideas for a play that could be performed in high schools, she wasn’t sure math would lend itself to theater. But when she read a script with a math storyline, she quickly changed her mind.

Read the story from The Boston Globe.

The Math in YOU

Ever wonder about your sleep patterns?

“How does my body choose when to shut off?”

Mathematicians have uncovered a deeper understanding of the human biological clock by studying the brain. And their findings have reversed previous thinking about body function.

“This is a perfect example of how a mathematical model can make predictions that are completely at odds with the prevailing views yet, upon further experimentation, turn out to be dead-on, ” says Daniel Forger, a mathematician at the University of Michigan.

The findings have implications for a whole new study of human function.

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BYU’s Math Department has good reason to draw attention to its study. The public is becoming increasingly aware of just how many doors a math degree can open.

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