Chocolate Fountains

Why does the falling curtain of chocolate on a chocolate fountain pull inwards rather than straight downwards?

One mathematics student figured out that chocolate fountains follow the same pattern as ‘water bells, ‘ which fall inwards because of surface tension. You can make your own water bell at home by  putting a pen vertically under a tap with a coin flat on top, and you’ll see a bell-shaped fountain of water.

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Crime Rates

“Crime in Los Angeles dropped dramatically when the Los Angeles Police Department deployed officers based on crime predictions made by a mathematical model, a team of scholars and police department colleagues reports today. The mathematical model would be effective in cities worldwide, the researchers said.” Read more here!

A Solution for Math Anxiety

A new study from the Stanford University of Medicine has reported that anxiety about doing math problems can be relieved with a one-on-one tutoring program. A news release reports, “Even if they are good at math, many children feel anxious about doing math problems. For some, the anxiety persists throughout life, discouraging them from pursuing advanced math and science classes as well as careers that rely on mathematical expertise.” Read more about alleviating math anxiety here.