Best Pizza

BYU mathematicians recently calculated the best local pizza “Pi” in Provo and Orem, Utah. Five undergraduate students with background in math, computer coding, and statistics combined their skills to come up with an equation to discover the best pizza joint. Click here to read more!

Math & Basketball

Kirk Goldsberry, an avid basketball fan and geographer, has developed a system that maps every shot an NBA player takes. Goldsberry tracks how frequently each player shoots from each spot as well as the success of each shot. Click here to check out how this data is calculated and used.

PhotoMath App

The PhotoMath App could revolutionize math for students struggling with the subject. Here’s how it works: open the app, take a picture of the math problem, and let the app work its magic. The app shows a step-by-step problem solving approach. Click here to check out the video and read more about MicroBLINK, PhotoMath’s parent company.


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